Depending on where and when you plan on traveling, transportation can either be easy to come by or severely limited. It is necessary to know your needs before you leave.


Transportation options include flying on an airplane, driving a vehicle (it does not matter if it is your own or a rental), taking the train, utilizing a bus network, renting a bicycle or of course, walking.

Many rural and remote areas are only reachable via extremely limited means from small planes to extreme off-road vehicles. Urban and metropolitan areas, on the other hand, usually offer several ways to get around fitting any budget.


When you are planning a trip, do not forget to plan for the length of time that might be required for transportation. To find out what options are available in a given area, you can use a web-directory to find them easily.



Using advantage of local means for transportation is a great way to make new friends and meet locals, but it can be stressful and require a knowledge of the local language. Driving yourself or hiring a service, is a little more impersonal but allows you to travel faster and you can get different unusual destinations. 

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