Nearly every website owner tries his website to be listed as high as possible in the search results of the biggest search engines on the internet. A lot of companies spend a large portion of their money on techniques that will help to move their website on the top of search results. Maybe, one of the biggest marketing mistakes is that people sometimes neglect web directories.


A web directory is almost the same as search engine, but it's more organized and the results found using a web directory are only those websites that have subscribed to the web directory. So anyone that may be looking in a web directory for an organisation or company that offers something will only find that company which has gone through the registration process for that directory.

Results in a web directory are more reliable, and a web directory doesn't return portions of websites that are useless or have nothing to really do with the topic as a result. A web directory is a simple way for someone to find exactly what they are looking for, and a very easy way for a company to reach an interested target market.



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