Nowadays people not as interested in books as many years ago. Some people think that books would go by the wayside after television was invented, but nowadays millions of books are still selling. However, the computer age hasn't stopped the printing presses. Today, reading may consume fewer hours, but it is still the key to anyone's future, and books are the highway to an education. A person who likes to read will have an advantage in school and in life.


Shopping or books online is a lot more interesting than in simple bookstores! Sometimes you can find out of print books, rare books or even, used books at auction websites, and online bookstores. Books fit into shopping & E-commerce perfectly, as a main feature or an add on to other products. You can use a web directory to find the type of bookseller that you want, as there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions of listings on the internet.

The computer era has invented a new type of book, the electronic book, or E-Book. This version of a book is very useful and mobile, it is easy to transmit, store, and use on the computer. There are a lot of online libraries of books that you can access anytime. Mostly, in these libraries most books are for sale, but there are few free e-books to order. Regular books are published in different formats, such as hardbound, softcover, and some are updated by sections, such as some law publications. Expensive specialty books may be bound in leather or fancy fabrics. Sizes range from mini-books, booklets, and paperback book size (small) to coffee table size large volumes, and thin to thick in bulk. Many years ago ancient books were written on stone tablets, pieces of skin or on scrolls.web.

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