There are a few steps you have to know to be able to put your website on the internet. The first step is securing the website address.


This step can be very important, because if you choose very difficult web address that people cannot easily find or remember that can hamper your quest for huge amounts of traffic. You can purchase some web addresses, or how it calls 'domains' from any internet address sales organizations, but when you have bought your domain you need a place to put and store your site. That is where a web hosting service comes in.


Usually, a web hosting service can be the same company you purchase your domain from, and usually many hosting services offer a lot of discounts if you purchase one of their service.


Your web address is the address that internet uses to find your website. If someone will type your web address into the address bar on their browser, the internet will bring user to your website directly. If you have no host then an error will be shown in the users browser. The web hosting service it's a service that gets your content and site on the internet.

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