Nowadays any personal computer can't exist without software. In order, if you want to be able to get the maximum performance and functionality from your computer, you have to have software installed on it.


Any computer program that performs tasks on a computer - calls 'software'. Hardware is different from a software as software describes intangible objects that are kept on a storage such as a flash drive or a CD DVD disc, while hardware describes the physical workings of a computer (such as sound cards, video cards, processors, etc.).


The types of software used today depends on the users needs. For those people, who work as directors, businessmans, secretaries, or just for those who want to create and print documents, word processing software such as Microsoft Office (Word) is the best software to use. There are a lot of other types of software that grant you a huge range of new possibilities such as: spreadsheets, security suites, graphics manipulation and games.



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