If you want to make your own website or you already have one, you should to take care of its security and encryption, as nowadays there are a lot of viruses and hackers that may want to steal personal information which may be required for certain transactions on your website.


This is especially important if you are going to have a section of your site dedicated to online purchasing and e-commerce where customers will be asked to enter their bank account information or their debit card information. One of the quickest way to cause irreparable damage to your website commerce section is to gain a reputation for having customer's personal information stolen after using your site. There are a couple of very simple procedures that you can do to insure the security of your customers as they visit and use your site.



The first step to do is to buy a secure encryption certificate for your website, and make all forms a secure part of the website, especially forms which are dedicated to online purchasing or login \ register bars. Most web hosting services can easily supply you with a secure encryption certificate for your site, but it costs some money, and all you need to do to use it is to designate the site as a HTTPS site rather than HTTP site.

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