One necessary part of a well connected technology environment is that of staying connected, whether it's to the outside world via the Internet or between a number of departments within a company via intranet or another internal network. With a help of networks, businesses can easily receive and exchange important data between offices without any troubles.


Network also greatly improved communication between workers, reduced lag time that occurs when transferring information from one location to another. Networks are very useful and helpful for business as it allow to keep in touch with their users and clients. There are a lot of ways that help to keep in touch business with clients and employees who are out in the field, such as: Online Video Chat, E-Mails, instant messaging, online web-chat, etc. A correctly networked office can easily enjoy smooth and comfortable communication among workers and clients.



Networking includes a mix of both hardware and software solutions, ranging in scale depending on the needed application. Hardware companies such as Asus or TP-Link offers a variety of products for networking on a large scale which are designed for building corporate LAN networks, as well as for wireless networks. There are a lot of similar companies, which also focus on consumer grade products for both LAN and wireless networks. Software is also necessary part of Networking, usually software applications help to monitor and control some aspects of a network, including how much clients can be connected at one time, maximum speed per connected client, can make white-list and what content can be accessed on the network.

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