VoIP phone service replaces traditional landline phone with one that connects with a help of the internet. Nowadays, most phones works on what is called PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network), a network that reaches into your home through the standard phone jacks in the wall.


With VoIP service, your phone can connect to the Internet over your Wi-Fi router, cable or DSL Modem. To do this, VoIP service providers order a small device, which is called a telephony adapter, that plugs into the broadband modem and converts the electrical pulses into IP packets. The way you use your phone is the same, even though the network underneath changes.


Why is it getting so popular?


In short: savings, Internet telephony is very cheap. An all-you-can-eat local and long distance dialing package can cost as little as $20 a month. You will not find any mainstream, traditional calling plans that meet these rates.



VoIP plans are perfect for international calling. Most plans offer very economical calls to Europe of $ 0.03 or $ 0.04 per minute, while calls to Canada are considered domestic long distance calls. At the all, calls within the network, from one customer to another - are free.

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