FoIP (Fax Over IP) is becoming more popular between both huge and small companies as they look to get maximum profit. For that companies which are adopting FoIP, the OTFS (Open Text Fax Server) provides engine, which is used for robust and secure document delivery.

To get maximum profit of their IP infrastructure, more and more organisations want to adopt IP technologies, like Voice over IP and Fax over IP to save money, reduce resources waisting, and accelerate their ROI.

Fax server is very important component of any FoIP solution. The network-based fax server application

is the true engine behind enterprise-wide electronic document

delivery. It is the central hub for securely and cost-effectively


exchanging all types of documents. In cant be integrated with email, ERP and a lot of othet essential business applications to deliver documents faster, safer and much more easier via traditional PSTN networks or IP networks, depending on an their needings and requirements. Nowadays, most companies are trying to integrate FoIP into their bussines.

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