Hardware is a major physical part that makes up the average computing device. Along with software, these two necessary components of any computing device work together to provide the performance and functionality required for their intensive tasks. Devices that can be considered hardware are PCs, mobile phones, GPS, consoles, etc.


Systems such as PCs consist of several hardware components that works together. Devices like video cards, sound cards, processors are qualified as 'hardware'. Don't confuse hardware with software, which includes programs that are developed to run on the hardware, for example OCs that runs on the computer towers or on mobile phones.


Most hardware can be quite easily replaced or upgraded when worn out, unless there are design changes that require several major parts being unplugged or the entire unit being replaced completely.



Hardware in opposite to software, is the physical part of a system, while software is the logical part, which sends commands and information to all hardware elements. Along with the ones mentioned in the first paragraph, there are also a lot of other hardware components such as the webcam, microphone, mouse, gamepad, printer or a touchscreen.  

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