Storage can apply to the storage of things just like warehouse, self storage, mail storage.

A warehouse - a commercial building for storage of products. Warehouses are widely-used by producers, wholesale suppliers, transportation businesses, exporters, importers, customs, and so forth. They are normally large simple buildings in industrial parts of towns, cities, countries. Warehouses normally have loading docks to load and unload things from vehicles.

Self storage (an abbreviation for “self-service storage”, but also called ”mini storage”) is a business in which storage space (for example containers, lockers, rooms, and/or outdoor area), often known as “storage units” is rented to renters, often on a short-term conditions (usually month-to-month). Self storage renters contain businesses and individuals.


Mail storage is a sort of self storage where consumers send things by mail or delivery services (normally by the package) to be stored at an important location. It can be a possible alternative for people who like “pay-as-you-go” storage, where simply things that are stored are charged storage expenses, instead of renting a larger storage unit that can not be fully used.

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