The term “shipping” actually concern to transportation by sea, however is widely used in United States English to allude to transportation by ground or air equally. Intermodal freight transportation identifies shipments that include more than one type - simply transferred between boat, rail and also truck.

General trading conditions used in shipping products internationally consist of:

• Free on board (FOB) - the exporter will deliver the things at the selected location (and on board the ship). Expenses paid by the exporter consist of load, lash, safe and stow the cargo, which includes defending cargo, not to relocate in the vessels hold, defending the cargo from contact with the dual bottom part to protect it against sliding, and defense against damages from condensation.

• Carriage & freight (now well known in the USA like “cost and freight”- C&F, CNF, CFR): insurance is paid by the importer, as well as the exporter pays all of costs incurred in transporting the cargo from its actual place of start to the port or airport and sea freight or air freight to the port or airport of desired destination.


• Carriage, insurance and freight (now well-known in the USA like “cost, insurance and freight”- CIF): insurance and freight are generally all paid by the exporter to the selected destination.

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