During historical past, innovations in instrumentation have constantly modified science by increasing scientists’ ability to evaluate the natural world. Nowadays, with human behavior increasingly confident on electronic platforms such as the Internet and mobile applications, technologies is efficiently “instrumenting” the social community at the same time. The resulting flow of data has innovative implications not just for social science but even for business making decisions. The scientific approach is mainly responsible for the amazing increase in our comprehension of the natural world over the last few centuries. But still it has been slow to get into the worlds of politics, business, policies, and marketing, advertising where our amazing intuition for people behavior will always produce reasons for why individuals do what they do or the way to make them do something else. Simply because motives are so surprising, our natural trend is to want to do something on them without further rush. But in the case we have discovered one important thing from science, it is that the most probable explanation is possibly not right. Implementing a scientific method to making decision takes us to test our concepts with data.

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