Retail is the process of selling customer things and/or services to clients by numerous channels of distribution to get a revenue. Demand from customers is created through different target markets and advertising and marketing techniques, fulfilling customers' desires and needs by using a slim provide chain. Retail is normally classified by kind of goods listed below:

· Food goods - usually demand cold storage conveniences.

· Hard products or long-lasting products (“hardline retailers”) - cars, equipment, electronics, furniture, sports goods, wood, and so on., and parts to them. Things that will do not quickly wear out and supply usefulness over period of time.

· Soft things or consumables - apparel, other materials, shoes, skin care products, medicines and stationery. Things which are consumed after a single use or have a limited time period (normally under 3 years) during which you can use them.

· Arts - modern art galleries, book shops, handicrafts, gift stores, musical instruments, and things for them.


Retailers could choose for a format because every supplies a variety of retail combine to its clients depending upon their consumer demographics, the way of life and shopping habits.

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