Publishing is the process of making and dissemination of literary works, music, or information and facts - the action of making info accessible to the community. Sometimes, writers could be their own publishers, that means: developers and originators of material also provide multimedia to bring and present the material for the same. As well, the word publisher could send to the person that heads a publishing business or an imprint or to an individual who owns or heads a journal. Publishing consists of the phases of the elaboration, collection, copy editing, graphic design, making - printing (and also its electronic forms), and advertising and spreading of newspapers, journals, literary works, software, books, musical works and other stuff connected with information, containing the electronic multimedia. The publisher normally manages the promotion and other marketing functions, but can subcontract different facets of the process to specialized publisher advertising companies. In numerous firms, modifying editing, proofreading, structure, design as well as other facets of the creation process are made by freelancers.

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