Packaging is the technology of covering as well as protecting goods for selling, distribution, storage and use. Packaging additionally identifies the procedure for design, valuation, and making of packages. Packaging could be identified as a methodical system of preparing products for warehousing, selling, transportation, logistics, end use. Packaging includes, defends, informs, transports, sells, and preserves. Packaging could be reviewed as being of a couple of various kinds. As an example, a transportation package or delivering package could be the shipping container used to keep, ship, and manage the product or inside packages. Some people determine a customer package as being one which is focused on customer or household.


Packaging might be identified in regard to the form of goods getting packed: medical apparatus packaging, mass chemical packaging, over-the-counter medicine packaging, defense materiel packaging, a pharmaceutical packaging, retail food packaging, and so on. Since 2003, the packaging industry in developed countries accounted for not less than 2 % of the gross national product. Almost 50 % of this industry was relating to food packaging.

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