Multimedia is the key term used to describe 2 or more sorts of media mixed into a one package - often means a mix of something or every of the following: videos, sounds, graphics, texts and images. Multimedia provides to the users the possibility to impact on the presentation of material. The choosing and manipulation of different elements of the presentation material is the influencing aspect of a multimedia presentation. Involved features might vary from a question-and-answer function to picking from menus of certain topics or facets of a presentation.


Multimedia could provide critical services in the world of business. Whilst information should be transferred properly by the singular usage of still pictures, videos, movies, sounds or texts, multimedia potentially multiplies the level of efficiency, in no small portion because of the additional entertainment importance and the degree to which the audience feel joining to the action. The effectuality of educating, selling, presenting, advertising, , informing and entertaining are all based on a single factor: the ability of the presented material to keep the interest of the desirable audience.

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