Mining operations are generally grouped into 5 main categories in terms of their particular resources. Those are oil and gas extraction, coal extraction, metal ore extraction, nonmetallic mineral extraction and quarrying, and mining assisting activities. Compare to other of these categories, oil and gas extraction stays probably the major in terms of its worldwide economic importance. Searching of prospective mining areas, an essential area of bother for the mining industry, is already successfully done using complicated latest technologies like remote-sensing and satellites seismic geological exploration. Thus, the mining area of the industry is dominated by huge, usually multinational, corporations, the majority of them publicly known. It could be argued that exactly what is identified as the “mining industry”. It is generally consists of two sectors, first specializing only in prospecting for new resources while the second - in mining those resources. The exploration section is generally composed of individuals and small mineral resource firms, known as “juniors”, which are usually depend of venture capital.

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