This industry includes institutions involved in the wholesale distribution of industrial supplies which are definitely not contained in another classification. Goods of this industry comprising abrasives, bearings, industrial brilliants, printers' ink, fireproof materials, rope (besides wire), flaps and fittings (besides plumbers' flaps and fittings) and non-paper containers like jars, crates, drums, and metallic buckets.


Nearly 23 500 establishments in this industry employed about 204 500 employees at the beginning of 2000th. These kinds of institutions were subdivided into 9 specialties: general-line industrial supplies, around 40 % of institutions; fasteners and fastening machines -12 % of institutions; industrial tools – 6 %; mechanized power transmission supplies - 3 %; hydraulic and pneumatic supplies - 7 %; industrial flaps and fittings - 8 %; welding supplies – 4 %; industrial containers and supplies - 4 %; and other industrial supplies like abrasives, mechanical rubber tools, ropes, cordage, and industrial brilliants - 16 %. Mentioned industry wide sales reached more than $45 million at the beginning of 2000th.

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