A grocery shop is a retail shop that mostly sells food. A grocer is a mass vendor of food. Grocery shops usually provide you with non-perishable food, with some of them also have a fresh produce, butcher products, delicatessen, and bakery goods. Big grocery shops that supply a substantial amount of non-food goods, like apparel and household products, are known as supermarkets. Certain big supermarkets also contain a drugstore and an electronics segment. Grocery shops could be small (like comfort shop, delicatessen, greengrocer, health food shop, milk bar) or big physical shops (like supermarket, hypermarket), or digital (online) shops. Some grocery shops (especially big ones) form the main feature of a bigger complex that also includes many other facilities, like gas stations, which can usually work under the shop's brand. This system is specially popular in the Great Britain, with leading chains like Tesco and Sainsbury's containing many locations working under this standard.

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