Franchising is the procedure of the right to exploit a firm's effective business model and trademark for an approved certain time period. As for the franchiser, the franchising is an alternative choice to creating "chain stores" to sell things that escapes the investments and obligation of a chain. The franchisor's profits are determined by the results of the franchisees. The franchisee is probably have a higher motivation than an immediate workers just because they will have an immediate share in the business.


Fundamentally, along with conditions of allocation, the franchisor is a provider who permits an operator, or to a franchisee, to exploit the supplier's brand name and spread the supplier's products. In exchange, the operator repays the provider a commission. Thirty three countries including the United States Of America and Australia provide laws that directly control franchising, with the most of the other countries having regulations that have a definite or indirect influence on franchising.

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