Financial services belong to the economic services that are supplied by the whole finance industry. The industry covers a large number of organizations like banks, insurance fims, loan unions, stock market brokerages, consumers finance firms and investment funds. All of these organizations important in money management. From all of the financial service providers, banks are the leading one’s and are the most of the appreciated. Banking institutions provide their customers with a secure and protected method of depositing and keeping their finances. Banking institutions are also involved in the provision of additional financial services like checks, loans, credit cards and mortgage loans. Insurance brokerages pick proper insurance covers for their customers. Insurance covers pass of the risk of the loss or liability from the insured person to the insurance company in interchange for a premium payment which may be one or consist of the several small payments. Investment services involve asset management, hedge fund management and storage services. Asset management services are provided by firms which manage a variety of investment funds. Credit card services are provided by credit card companies which actually take part in banking services in many cases.

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