Automotive, as a category, contains motorized vehicles, trucks, cars, busses, motorcycles, vans, and almost anything with wheels that has an engine. At first view, in this category is usually supposed to be only cars, because people called them automobiles, but this word can be broked down into an item than can propel itself. In this industry, about 80 million vehicles are presently sold per year. There exist about 800 million vehicles in use around the entire world at any one time. The industry employs thousands and thousands of people, possibly even more if you take into consideration those involved in the aftermarket industry.


Using a web directory, you can access to all facets of the Automotiv’s category. From new or used before cars, to parts, customization, repair, rentals and tuning, the web is a valuable resource for finding what is required. Anyway, with hundreds of millions of web sites listed, in this web directory is the smart way to begin any search.

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