Architecture has occurred at the time the mankind felt the necessity of a shelter, of a place where they can feel comfortable, without being worried about rainfall or windy weather conditions. At that time, architecture meant for our ancestors just carving holes into the caves and using animal leather to hang it on the walls, but today architecture became far more complicated compared to that. Whenever we talk about architecture, we think about houses that come in all shapes and sizes, together with breath-taking buildings that appear endless.

This demonstrates the evolution of the mankind in the architectural area. From the very first cavemen to the modern urbanite we are living, work and play in the structures we create. Architecture all the way through history has looked to enrich our daily lives by creating beautiful and extraordinary structures. In our web directory you can find an all-round listing of architecture, covering almost all aspects of the area.


Modern architecture has expanded its scope, covering not just traditional types of structural design, but these days defines urban design, landscapes, city planning, sculpture and even furniture. Both equally modern traditional and architecture works are available in this web directory together with information about famous designers and architects in the area.

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