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Top Paid Directories – What Are The Benefits?
top paid directoriesWhat’s the point of using top paid directories? What are the benefits of participating, and submitting your website for inclusion in top paid directories? There are thousands and thousands of web directories out there, some are free, and some, not so free. So, why pay if you can do it for free? That’s simple, submit your website to a free directory and it could take months for them to even review it, and then when they do, they could simply not accept it. If you pay for a listing into one of the top paid directories, it will be reviewed faster with more chance for acceptance. Also, free directories lack high page ranks, have less backlinks, and are not considered mature. On the other end, top paid directories will have a higher page rank, lots of backlinks, and will be considered to be mature. It’s funny, only in the internet world is 7 to 15 years old considered to matured. Anyways, if your website is listed with top paid directories, some of that link-juice, or high PR, will transfer to you. Not to mention that these listings are permanent, and therefore will continue to send visitors your way.

What makes a directory one of the top paid directories?

It’s a mix of high page rank (PR), pages indexed in Google (the amount of listings), Google backlinks (Inbound links), and age (maturity). The higher the PR, the more the backlinks, and the older it is, that’s what makes directories into top paid directories.

What are some examples of top paid directories?

Just to name a couple, the Yahoo Directory  is one of the best top paid directories, with a PR of 8, total indexed pages is somewhere around 2,030,000 with about 724,000 inbound links, and it’s about 16 years old. It will cost you $299.00 for inclusion, and yes that’s a permanent listing. Another one of the top paid directories is, with a PR of 7, it’s 13 years old, has about 618,000 backlinks, and will cost you $199.00. The third top paid directory is, with a PR7 created in 1994, yearly payment is  $149.95, permanent  - $299.95.

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Dated: Nov 01 2011

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