Revised Law firm SEO Strategies after Recent Google Update

After Panda and Penguin update announced by Google the whole SEO world is suffering  from a common fever called “Urgent Correction”. Huge drop in keyword ranking, traffic- loss, delayed and reduced conversions are the few symptoms of it. These are the deadly  signs for any website as far as credibility and popularity is concerned.

How about law firm websites?

Law firm websites are no more exceptions. Majority of the lawyer sites that used to appear  in top SERPs for almost dozens of keywords even a few months back are no more smiling  on the first page. Enquiries too have taken a back seat. And for obvious reason, lawyers are  frightened to see their online reputation diminishing with time. Is it a time to pray?

The above picture clearly indicates that online marketing through search engine is no more  a newbie’s game. It is never easy when you want to build a fresh look of your site overnight  and remove all stigma acquired so long. You have to revise keyword structure, linking  patterns, backlink profiles and on-page components- almost everything that you are not  confident or happy about. Unfortunately each of these has their own share of pain and  effort. Revitalizing the wrecked campaigns also needs great deal of exercise and R& D.

Now the million dollar question is – Do you have the resource or helping hand to assist   you in this?

You can not take part in this SEO rat race unless armored by strong marketing strategies  and refined to-do-list. It means you have two major parties to fight against and win – Competitor’s law firm and Google’s frequent Algo updates.

How far have you been successful in doing so? What have been your next targets
for rest of the year?

Here is quick view on what you should do to pave the way. Being white and natural

Don’t simply run behind competitor’s keywords:

Forget about copying competitor’s top ranking keywords into your own. It makes no sense.  You never know for what reason those keywords are ranking high in SERPs. Other than  optimized quality content and excellent backlink structure there might be hundreds of  other reasons. Link source, link variety, domain age, community based activities, off-line  promotions, link popularity are few among them that may boost the overall rankings.

Next is keyword selection. You cannot just go with old keyword formats. Rather try long tail  keywords, keyphrase and link them only where it is absolutely necessary.

Start fresh and continue revision:

Get this into your head – If your law website is struggling to rank on highly competitive
keywords for long, it is better you leave them and start a revised plan. This may include change in On-page information, page contents, and design and navigation part. Don’t write contents to insert keywords forcibly. Rather develop contents that you feel best suited to cater your audience. Information that is well documented automatically finds keyword arrangement. No extra effort is required.
Avoid depending on competitor’s backlink origin:

This is neither scientific nor healthy. Rummaging through backlink sources and then applying the same linking strategies won’t work every time. Most importantly there is no assurance you can do this successfully in time even if you try. Rather focus on developing backlinks from a variety of sources. Keep monthly link volume in control and don’t overdo anything unnecessary.
 Spend time on blog management:

Most of the Law firms and lawyers are really particular about highlighting their practice area, certifications and associations. However, only a few are serious about managing their own blogs. This is a major mistake. Integrating blog to the parent site can attract both search engine and human visitors. From a lawyer’s point of view there is no better place to get connected with clients. Moreover regularly updated pages get better search engine value and its demand is forever.
One thing is for sure, if you are doing something out of your own interest and it really helps others there is no one to devalue your work. Lawyers and law firm marketing companies should make sure they are making the right moves. Google will keep coming with regulatory changes time to time. There is nothing to be afraid of or to hide for this unless and until you commit mistakes willingly.

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Dated: May 11 2012

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