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If you have been in the e-commerce business, then you know how challenging it is. Profits are marginal at times and the consumer has various ├Čoptions’ to make his purchase; in short, the competition is strife. In such a situation, optimizing your web presence can do a great deal in improving your conversion.

While there are various tips that can work for your business, we shall discuss those related to your products and how you market your products to the consumers in this post.

1. How Do You Describe Your Product?

Your product description should be original as well as interesting. With the latest algorithm update, it is evident that Google bots are not just looking for unique content, they are looking for good quality, relevant content.

2. Are Your Product Descriptions SEO Friendly?

Moreover, along with your product pages being relevant and innovative, they should also be search engine friendly with the right amount of keywords. The reason behind the stress on keywords is that the user is actually searching for exactly THAT keyword. Having it on your product page is only going to make it more relevant.

3. Are Your URLs SEO Friendly?

If you are a prospective buyer and you’re looking for a product, say a book. If you see a URL ending with something like ‘…/bks/lm/R2D0JKAGI3NL7H’ will you be able to understand what the URL says? Similarly, if the URL ended with something like Harlan-Coben/dp/ref= Caught’ instead you would have a fair idea that the book being referred to is ‘Caught’ by the author Harlan Coben. The same is the case with bots. For them to understand, your URLs should also be SEO friendly or simply, understandable!

4. Are You Interlinking Product URLs For Better Web Presence?

And this goes without saying that linking to product pages and appropriate relevant information will certainly be an added advantage. It directly impacts and betters your web presence.

5. Any New Ideas On Linking Building Strategies?

Frankly, product pages aren’t the most interesting content on the wbe and hence, links coming to product pages always get the search engine suspicious! Why would a random user link to a page which has the same product information like 500 other pages? So here are a few innovative tips to get more back links to your pages:

a. Original Pictures Of Products

If you are going to use the same picture that the dealer has sent to the entire market, then it’s sure got nothing new. But, if you do have the opportunity, try getting original product pictures and if you do a good job with it, then people are going to want to link to your site and endorse your efforts – consequently, influencing SEO.

b. Write Dynamic Content

So what if you have to pass on the same old information that all other sites are passing on? You could always write awesome content, in YOUR own, original style and create a personality for your brand. This could impact sales, links and web presence well.

c. Stimulate Conversation And Discussion

You could encourage people to write product reviews, you could show comparisons of the product compared to other similar products in the market and encourage opinion polls and you could show statistics that talk about how the product is placed in the market. Innovate with your interaction, and this could bring you organic links.

At the end of the day, your e-commerce SEO activities should be product and consumer centric because 1. Your product should reach the audience and 2. You should help your consumer make his buy! – That’s how the brand – consumer relationship is built.

Author writes on topics like technologoy and e-commerce. She is an expert in the field of various tech subsjects. Wrote article on hardware products like rfid asset tracking and RFID readers.

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