Mobile SEO: Apps and App Stores

Mobile Apps are a new kid on the block for internet marketers, and they’ve been making quite a splash over the past few years.  Developing apps means acquiring skills or skilled personnel with a suite of abilities outside the norm for standard web development and programming.  Marketing new apps to users is more traditional, but requires an understanding of the huge variety present in the mobile app market.

Mobile App Search Engine Utilization

App stores function as the most common market in which users can browse for apps that meet their needs, but Google’s search function can never be completely counted out of the equation.  App pages should be configured for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get an edge in search engine results.  SEO can help your app distinguish itself from an increasingly broad market.

Keywording and linking are important cornerstones of constructing an SEO network for an app or app page.  The same principles that define SEO also combine to inform the sort of strategy you’d be best advised to use in approaching app promotion; namely, Web crawler attraction, content optimization, and reputation establishment and expansion.  An important point to keep in mind while implementing content optimization solutions is that the commodity being primed for promotion is not the app itself but the app’s promotional page.

App Store Content Optimization

Apple’s App Store, Window’s Phone Marketplace, and Google’s Play Market demand a certain standard of submission formatting should you wish to see SEO results.  Your app page’s text submission is of the utmost importance as it relates to SEO opportunities.

An app’s title determines a lot of important digital information that could influence the way your app performs in search engine results.  Which keywords will your app be linked with by search engine sorting algorithms and assessment tools?  How does your URL play with crawlers?  This is all determined by the name of the app, so think carefully before choosing a title.  Your title should allude and connect not just to the brand identity but also to the app’s uses and functionality.  Connect your app to its parent brand, but also clearly display its inherent uses.

Remember also that competition with other apps is something you can’t afford to avoid considering.  Choosing fields without too much keyword competition boosts your app’s chances of becoming a particular area’s definitive exemplar.

App categorization determines important information for browsers in addition to users/searchers.  Multi-categorization should be considered, but it can risk splitting your app’s market focus over too wide an area.  Instead, you should work to select the category that best suits your app while also placing it in direct competition with the minimum number of competitors.

App Description

Your app’s description is, at least initially before review publication, the single largest body of text dedicated to the subject of spreading information about your app.  Think of it as a homepage for your app within the larger framework of an app store.  Your description page and its text should be directed strongly at your target audience with a focus on relevant keywords.  Keywording your article correctly helps it find its target market more easily.

Building a professional profile for your app helps to drive home the impression of expert conduct and market-quality products you want to deliver.  There are a lot of crap adverts for shoddy apps, and avoiding association with low-quality marketing tactics like that is an important part of app marketing.

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