How To Remove Google Cache Results

One of the most popular requests site owners and some internet surfers do ask in Google help forums is how can someone remove Google cache results that had been successfully removed from Google index using webmaster tools. In general, if someone encounters any of the problems with websites linked in search results including; the content you are searching for on a site is not there, the site has gone offline, the site has been blocked, server congestion the website cannot be served and/or if the bandwidth is a bit slow, Google cache can be a much handy tool to read the page. By clicking the cache link, you will get a snapshot of the site you want to view.

However, there are reasons why a site owner may not want his or her site to be cached. For example, you may frequently be updating your site and you would not want readers to read the old content, hence you force them to read the main page and not just the cache version. Also, for security purposes you might want to ensure that you have the total control on how long the content on your site stays online.

One way by which a site owner can prevent his or her site from being cached by Google index is by adding in HTML tag such as <META NAME=”ROBOTS” CONTENT=”NOARCHIVE”> or <META NAME=”GOOGLEBOT” CONTENT=”NOARCHIVE”> (for only Google cache) within the <head> section of that particular site. When next Google recrawls, the site will be indexed but won’t be archived in its cache.

In the event that you have already updated some contents on your site, and Google has indexed and archived it. This implies that your websites has already got a cached variety. If you remove the page from Google, the content is still in its cache. So how do you now remove Google cache result?

Using the webmaster tools, you can request for your page or site to be removed from Google’s index. But your site need to keep bringing back 404 or 410 error message, be inaccessible or offline before it can be removed from Google cache results.

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Dated: Feb 02 2012

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