How To Change Facebook To Timeline

Facebook which is one of the leading social networking websites on the internet only recently redesigned its site to include timeline so as to give its various faithful enhanced profiles and improved means to reach their loved ones. Most Facebook faithful are now questing for how to change Facebook to timeline. There is a pretty easy way to do this, read on to see how;

At a time, timeline is only being included to quite a couple of Facebook profiles. Therefore, if your profile is being selected, it is fairly tejkohli easy to change over. This is all you need to do:

-Log on to Facebook your page A drop-down will show up that will prompt you to switch to the new profile.

-Click the upgrade button and follow every other instructions that come nextAfter this, your profile will be upgraded

This is only for those whose Facebook profiles were selected in the first few waves. However, if your profile is not amongst this set of profile, you can still find out how to change Facebook to timeline right away. All you just have to do is to go to “Introducing Timeline” page on Facebook, there is an option that tells you to upgrade to timeline. Click and follow the instructions that come next.

After you might have successfully found out how to change facebook to timeline, you only have seven days to adjust or trim your profile before anyone can see it. In this case, you can hide or completely remove stories you wouldn’t want people to see, change your privacy settings, or your timeline settings. However, you can add some life events you prominently want to feature on your timeline profile. These life events can include major events such as marriage, new jobs, new relationships, children, promotions, and the like.

Though timeline requires a bit of maintenance but it gives your profile a special touch it has never got before which is pretty good for your personal and professional life as well.

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Dated: Mar 20 2012

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