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For the love of gardening! If you’re an avid gardener or just someone who is interested in beginning, you may want to connect with others who share your same passion. Just not too many people seem to appreciate gardens like they used to. If you’re searching for someone to talk plants with, you might benefit from joining a social network for gardeners. They’re fun, and they give you the opportunity to show off your garden to others who will appreciate it the most. They will also help connect you to a wealth of resources on gardening information and ideas. Here are four of the best social networks for gardeners.


Folia is one of the coolest social networks for gardeners out there. Folia provides you with free software that you can use to keep track of your garden, and you can share your gardening journal with everyone. Browse through other people’s journals and share in each other’s progress – some of them are just amazing. There are forums where you can discuss many different gardening topics such as composting, herbs, and companion planting. It also offers a plant database that will help you learn about and grow more than 200,000 plants. You can also organize or join a seed swap in your area.

YardShare is truly unique website that focuses on landscaping in general, as well as gardens. With YardShare, members upload pictures and videos of their landscaping projects and yards. It is a great place to find inspiration for your own yard, and you can get great ideas on how to improve your own garden. The community is very helpful and positive, and if you share your own yard or garden, members will leave you great feedback on how you can improve it. There are also lots of informative articles that will teach you more about gardening and landscaping.
Your Garden Show

Your Garden Show is a website where members show off their gardens through pictures and videos. It’s a place to give and receive feedback and support, as well as meet friends and other gardeners in your area. There is a comprehensive database with information on plants, and you have the opportunity to ask questions that will be answered by gardening experts. A cool feature is the Citizen Science project where members are encouraged to share their observations of the nature around them in order to provide researchers with regional data on things like pollen and other trends.
Oh My Bloom

Oh My Bloom is close community of gardening aficionados. Here you can keep your own garden blog where you track the progress of your garden and give updates on it. You can upload photos, and you can check out other people’s gardens – from the modest to the grandiose. There are groups you can join to connect with others, such as people in your area or people who share a particular interest. There are also informative articles and instructional videos that will help you with your garden.

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