Define Online Marketing

Since the internet has become the major tool for information delivery and online advertising has gradually turned out to be the primary medium for business awareness, most business owners are really looking forward to define online marketing. Actually, people are using online marketing to create and increase awareness for their respective products and services.

In actual fact, online marketing popularly known as the web marketing or  internet marketing refers to the use of the power of online advertising to rapidly promote your products and services and generate response from your audience. To define online marketing, there are common areas of interest within this field that fascinate the attention of people the most.

Email marketing: is an online marketing that involves the direct sending of promotional emails to customers to create awareness for new products or services.

Affiliate marketing: this refers to the process of recruiting associates to create awareness for the products or services a particular company is into. The associate gets specific reward for every subscriber, visitor, consumer or sale the company gets.
To define online marketing, other areas of interest include Search Engine Marketing, Display Advertising, Viral marketing, Interactive Advertising and the likes.

Dated: Dec 16 2011

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