BizBrag: Using Social Media To Enable Traditional Business Growth

Due to increased marketing costs, brick and mortar businesses are being forced to evolve when it comes to promotional efforts. Not only to compete with wildly successful new business models as a result of the internet, but also to be able to utilize the power of social marketing. This may seem daunting for some to even know where to begin.

This is only one of the reasons the engineers at BizBrag, Inc. considered when developing their social networking application. They have created a tool that simplifes methodologies giving small business a competitive advantage while diminishing costs. They have focused on being involved with their customer community and really tuning in to what their needs truly are. One of the company’s main goals is to perpetuate business collaboration to reach much larger audiences.

What is It?

It all begins by creating a “Braggit.” Braggits can be comprised of anything a company deems noteworthy, or wants to brag about, such as news, daily deals or milestones. The updates can include videos, photos or just simple text to convey the message. Now, users simultaneously share them with all of their social media channels including WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Braggits are optimized making them search engine friendly.

Within the Bizbrag platform, businesses connect with other users to create a “Bragforce.” These are connections with like-minded businesses to enable sharing audiences. Not only will a braggit reach all of the sender’s social following but also the social following for their Bragforce members! Imagine the reach that can be achieved by connecting with just a few other businesses. A “Bragforce” encourages local and complimentary businesses to connect with each other and share content to their social accounts.

In effect, utilizing these features facilitates the creation of web content without worrying about hosting costs, SEO, social media management or the scalability of the campaign. To measure success, businesses have access to a suite of analytics, including social monitoring, within their dashboard.

Why Use It?

What if you could grow your social connections by 125 times in six months? This is exactly what one business did using the BizBrag platform. It creates a way to help your business build a healthy network across social accounts. Marketing efforts by brick and mortar establishments must evolve to successfully grow and retain business. BizBrag is a way to exponentially expand your reach while working with collaborative businesses creating a win-win situation. For more information on how things work, visit

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Dated: May 18 2012

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