The visuals arts are the basics of the Arts and Humanities. Painting, sculpture and drawing are the oldest types of visual arts, while modern technology has expanded this description to include writing, printing, motion picture and graphic design among others. Modern art has developed our definition of art, so nowadays graffiti can be considered among the visual arts.



In the las couple of thousand years, visual arts have changed their form greatly. Most people think that the visual art is more important than any other form. Visual arts, it is that you can see, discuss and share. Visual art is perhaps one of the most popular and important forms of art because it communicates so well. Visual art has always been one of the most lasting forms of expression throughout time. Shape, form, color and texture help to define our world, and as visual being we understand our world by what we see more than any other means. Visual art takes advantage of this, using our understanding of the world to speak to us.

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