It does not matter, if you are an artist, agent or just curious, among our web-directory you can find a lot of different organizations, clubs and association dedicated to the fields of the Arts and Humanities. Starting from the information which can help starting artists find their voice, and ending with nonprofits that sponsor public works, our web-directory is filled with useful, helpful and detailed information depending on the organizations needings. the most helpful and useful tools artists have at their disposal.


From finding or sharing information from experienced artists or designers, to knowing where to look to find a help if you are a freelancer, this web-directory can be useful and can help you. Nowadays, there are a lot of organizations around the world that specialize in the Arts and Humanities. When utilizing the resources of this web directory there are a few key things to keep in mind.



As said, there are many organizations in the art field that deal with certain activities such as sponsoring your projects, helping you whenever you want to advertise your work, site or art gallery or some of them deal with making transactions such as selling or buying a lot of different works of art, such as: paintings, photographs and well carved sculptures.

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