Crafts are playing an important role in the history of an art and design, from ancient ages when crafts such as pottery and clothing were essential needs for every person to nowadays, when pottery and clothes have become a decorative object of an interior. And it makes a big difference between art and craft.

Art is not necessary part of our lives, it can be beautiful and does not need any functions. On the other hand, craft is tangible, beautiful, sometimes cute or scary, usually craft makes starting from small handbags and ending with massive woodworked furniture, crafts combine beauty and cuteness with difficult technologies and science. A lot of years ago,in ancient times, the craftsman and weaponsmiths were one of the most respected and needed aspects of the community, being able to create 'tools' and 'weapons that would make peoples lives easier was very respectful. After the industrial revolution, the perception of crafts changed. When objects and tools were no longer necessary to be made by hand, the role of the craftsmen became more artistic and less serious.



Although initially, crafts and craftsmen referred strictly to items that were indispensable whether if we are talking about swords, armours or objects of pottery that were used as housewares, Nowadays we use crafts mostly in decorations, handmade articles that aim to boost the aesthetic look of your living room or bedroom. However,we should not forget about crafts as they are very useful and they grant necessary comfort to our houses.

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